A unique solution on the market.

Zato was originally founded for manufacturing cutting and demolition shears for the recycling industry. During 15 years it refined and specialized its know-how and its skills on this type of machine, redesigning and optimising it.

The mobile demolition shears models which are manufactured today are the best offering worldwide in terms of performance, durability and range.
The power unleashed by the shears of this series is unrivalled.

The whole machine, in its geometry and components, is designed for producing the maximum shearing force possible and for allowing an excellent operation which frequently exceeds the expectations of the Customer himself.
The resistance to stress is guaranteed by the boxed machine frame which in this way can support and stand the forces produced by the powerful cylinder, the core of the machine. The steels employed for its construction are specific for standing torsion and wear, designed and made significantly thick.

Zato guarantees the duration over time: This machine is efficient, resists to huge operating cycles and loads, reduces the hourly cost and allows the recovery of the investment in a short time.

With 12 models both in stationery and mobile version, the extension of the range is granted, the machines can be installed on an extremely wide range of excavators and loaders, offering to the customer the ideal machine for his excavator, without compromises. Each model of shears is designed with the primary goal to develop the maximum force possible keeping a low weight.




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