At Zato, customer care is the cornerstone of our policy and not just another word. It is a continuous and regularly reviewed commitment to offer our customers accurate and rapid identification of problems and to offer the most efficient and convenient solution in a timely manner.

Zato has embraced innovative technologies to guarantee increasingly fast and efficient after sale services and plant monitoring.

We always stand by our customers, listen to their requirements and provide them with extended after sales care and service, to help safeguard their investment over the long run.
Our commitment is to stand by our customers always, to be there when they need us with state-of-the-art technologies such as remote and augmented reality servicing, which ensure rapid and accurate assistance services avoid downtime and to keep their business running.


The following are an integral part of our machines:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive maintenance techniques
  • Production monitoring app

Distance and time gaps are virtually eliminated, bringing our clients even closer to us. These new technologies help us to make the best decisions in a much shorter space of time.




AR Augmented Reality

  • AR (Augmented Reality) technology perfects the concept of information and technical instruction exchange, through applications installed on a wide variety of internet capable devices. A direct and continuous information thread is created between our technicians, and our customers no matter where in the world they happen to be.

Using the latest AR technologies, it is now possible to support, assist and guide the following crucial activities in real time from our head office:



In 2020, due to the pandemic, Zato's objective of adding AR technologies to our installation and service programs went from being a mid-term target to an immediate priority. AR has now already been trialled and successfully applied in several countries.

Today AR enables us to provide total control over all our clients' needs and problem-solving issues. We can immerse ourselves in real time in the analysis and subsequent trouble solving process as well as actualising maintenance operations as and when they are needed, without delay.

As impressive as this sounds, one of the most important and useful effects of AR is that it enables remote support during the installation and monitoring phases, ensuring efficient, safe and sustainable plant management.

In most situations where a service assistance is needed, time wasting and travel can be avoided.
The simple act of making a call enables our clients to connect with our experts. With Augmented Reality devices and camera enabled headsets, our technicians can connect from anywhere in the world to provide clients with immediate up to date expert advice and support.
During a downtime event, AR will save time by getting to the heart of the problem immediately. The issue can be resolved and production resumed in the least time possible.

Using augmented reality not only reduces downtime but it is also positive for the environment. Extensive travel is eliminated, as are the use of fossil fuels and other materials such as personal protective equipment (PPE). This means considerably less carbon emissions and reduced waste per person.
Being a manufacturer of recycling equipment, sustainability is particularly close to our heart and will continue to be of high importance to us.

How augmented reality works:
 Zone in on the problem and speak directly with our technicians in real time.

No matter where you are in the world, thanks to the use of an extremely easy to use intuitive application coupled with wearable or hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses, our technicians can provide remote support or pinpoint any problem usually in just a few minutes. More often than not, an immediate solution can be found or further intervention can be planned without delay.

Compatible devices:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Smart Glasses

Smart glasses

Are the next generation of veritable wearable computers. At Zato, what once seemed science fiction has now become reality. Each pair of glasses is equipped with a high definition camera
and display situated above the right eye. This display enables you to view an enhanced reality in which helpful virtual elements are superimpose on your actual field of vision. Smart glasses are extensively applied in high tech work environments, where a high level of precision manual labour is required. They are particularly advantageous when examining the smallest of details, without losing sight of the actual job at hand.

Data transmission quality is guaranteed from every corner of the globe. Zato has invested in an application that guarantees excellent audio quality and high definition video transmission. This top-quality service is thanks to several servers installed in the most important geographic areas around the world which guarantees sharp HD video footage and crystal-clear audio for fault free conversations and easy identifications of problems.



AR is a perfect tool to quickly understanding what the actual problem is. It is an invaluable aid for performing particularly tricky maintenance procedure, for real time monitoring and in providing quick assistance for any other issues.


    In the past, when a client or a yard was located in an isolated or hard to reach place and required our intervention, a technician was quickly dispatched. Despite these quick reactions, planning and travel were still required and waiting times were inevitable.
    At Zato we understand that time is of the essence, and that a precision diagnosis and understanding of the problem is essential in being able to resolve it. Optimising both factors significantly boost the efficiency of any intervention and reduce the costs of lost production to a minimum.


    Now, with the ability of our factory technicians to remotely connect and observe problem situations directly and in real-time, using either widely available smart phones and tablets or augmented reality glasses, means that we can respond in the space of only a few minutes or hours, not days.


    Without a doubt, the times and materials used are minimised, as is the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). This means considerably less carbon emissions and reduced waste per person.


The possible presence of non-crushable material in the machining flow reduces machine and plant operation, lowering productivity and increasing maintenance costs.

Zato has taken the opportunity to anticipate this risk by developing plant capable software that supports customers in protecting their machines from this type of situation.

This software involves an algorithm that combines the value of pressure on the shafts and the number of reversals made, automatically setting the machine in stand-by mode for a predefined period of time so that the operator can pick up "the non-crushable piece" and get used to selecting incoming material with due caution.



Our specific care ensures that the equipment and plants sold are kept in perfect working order.

At Zato, we use machine-installed sensors, cognitive analysis, machine learning and data mining processes to detect faults and potential causes of impending failures in order to provide customers with a more updated and efficient service.

Predictive maintenance focuses on the critical machine part conditions in order to predict when a failure will occur. Being able to anticipate and correctly manage maintenance operations is a very important factor that helps customers maintain control over the production flow.

At the basis of the predictive maintenance structure is the real-time collection of information on the machine operating conditions and the sending of data to a central unit.

This system opens up new opportunities:

  • Maintenance costs reduced up to 25-30%, thanks to accurate and objective identification of possible failures and, therefore, identification of the best service to provide.
  • Longer machine uptime, with 35-45% less downtime, thanks to more targeted interventions that are interspersed over longer periods of time.

ZATO APP. for production monitoring

Starting in 2021, our customers will also benefit from an Application dedicated to real-time control and monitoring of our Blue Devil twin-shaft Shredders.

The ZATO APP lets customers worldwide monitor machine work from any IOS or Android mobile device, through the high-definition camera aimed at the loading hopper, and maintain real-time control of all the most important production parameters of the Shredder.


We offer to our Customers comprehensive training on the proper use and maintenance of their newly purchased equipment.

Proper training will guarantee that you benefit from the full efficiency of your machinery to achieve a quality product and to ensure safety of the operators.


Only original ZATO spare parts are guaranteed to meet our exacting quality standards and thus maximise your plants’ performance. For this reason, we recommend our customers use only genuine ZATO spare parts.
Our large warehouse and partnership agreements with certified suppliers allow us to have the required spare parts available immediately as and when they are needed. Our professional and consistent supply service ensures minimum downtime for our Customers when essential parts are needed.


Another one of our strengths is demonstrated by the professional way we recondition used machinery.

Our specialized technicians work thorough checks and perform comprehensive reconditioning, from the simplest piece of equipment right up to the most complex systems. Regardless if it is Zato branded or from another manufacturer, you can be sure that, the machinery subjected to our reconditioning process, is brought back to the highest near new standards.


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