Metal recycling plants

Shredders, hammermills, shears and sorting lines for metal recycling

Ferrous is the most abundant material on the Earth’s crust, forming 34.6% of our planet’s mass. It is also the most widely used material, accounting for 95% of the world’s metal production. The low cost and the strength make it an indispensable building material.

In alloy with other elements, it can take various forms, in which the main are steel and cast iron.

One of the main characteristics of ferrous and ferrous materials is total recyclability. For this reason, our aim is to allow our Customers to treat ferrous and obtain a product with homogeneous output and high specific gravity, simplifying the recycle by recasting. Our machinery are able to process: ELV loose od baled; mixed scrap; rails; naval demolition; rebars; scrap coming from pre-shredder or from shears.

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