The innovative remote machinery management system

Zato’s corporate philosophy as regards to technical assistance is based on:
Specialized 24/24 technical assistanceAssistenza Tecnica Post Vendita Mulini e Trituratori Rottami Zato
- Timely service at the Customer’s premises
- Remote monitoring (Cloud Remote Monitor)

Zato’s assistance and customer care service stars from the study of the technical drawing with the Customer and continues up to the after sale assistance and installation of the machine. Through the Cloud Remote Monitor, the monitoring enables both out technician and the user to access to a remote control pane for tracking variables and alarms, check the operation trends of a machine, detect in a quicker way any failure for preventing and limiting repair and maintenance services. As compared to remote diagnosis, in which remote connection is started after the alarms are received, preventive maintenance allows to collect the data constantly, monitoring all the KPI indexes of the machines, allowing the analysis on statistics and the following check on recent trends. The structure is based on Big Data (Google App Engine) platforms for ensuring outstanding performance.

Communication is outbound only from the customer network, in this way, set-up issues (vpn, tokens, etc.) are removed, the safety of the system is improved and there is very few work to do on the customer’s firewall. The manufacturer has at its disposal detailed statistics for the apparatus classes so to assess higher assistance or failure incidences.

Assistenza Tecnica Post Vendita Mulini e Trituratori Rottami Zato

Customer: each customer is enabled to:
access the data of their machines
- display the alarms
– display the use statistics

Assistenza Tecnica Post Vendita Mulini e Trituratori Rottami Zato