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Zato’s experience and professionalism allowed this company to set up a skilled and specialized consultancy service. Zato is the ideal partner for the design and the manufacturing of“turn key” custom plants to be employed in the complete scrap processing cycles whose specification is difficult.

Whoever decides to appoint Zato for manufacturing custom plants is choosing the warranty given by a company structured for meeting the specific requirements of the Customer. The skilled staff, trained in-house, works side by side with the Customer in designing systems for the full process of the treatment of ferrous and non ferrous scrap respecting the environment and according to the specific rules that govern said processes. Having studied the specific needs of the Customer, Zato designs an manufactures the system for meeting them. Zato’s custom systems are tailored on the Custom and are constantly subject to feasibility tests that allow the technicians to operate in solving issues regarding the different types of materials that must be processed and recycled by the system.

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