The perfect fixed pulveriser does exist: Pelican

Zato’s pulverisers are capable to carry out different kinds of job. The Pelican fixed pulveriser thanks to its high versatility and to its production capabilities is capable to demolish the vertical reinforced concrete structure and to crush the already demolished material on ground, separating immediately the reinforcing steel from the concrete; starting immediately the reuse process of both materials.

The design of this machine was specifically developed for increase its performance: it is equipped with a fully modular inlet with interchangeable toothed plates for ensuring a new crushing surface in a moment, optimising the working times.

The tough and optimised structure of the pulveriser and of the main pin were designed and manufactured using materials that are tough, wear resistant and capable to stand the power load produced by the hydraulic cylinders for a perfect penetration into the building to be demolished.

All this, coupled to the specific geometry, allows Pelican to tackle any kind of working situation.


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