The efficiency of Predator

The Predator rotating pulveriser is the best solution for executing with great versatility and production capability multiple types of work.

Predator removes the distinction between primary and secondary demolition equipment , allowing the demolition of the vertical reinforced steel structure and the secondary demolition of the already demolished material. In this way, the reinforcing steel and the concrete are immediately separated and the disposing and recycling stages of both materials is started.

The machine is the result of a cutting edge design, because it is equipped with outstanding technological tools: for the selection of the materials, for the INNOVATIVE design solution, that grant to the product outstanding performance in terms of force.

The tough and optimised structure of the pulveriser and of the main pin were designed and manufactured using materials that are tough, wear resistant and capable to stand the power load produced by the hydraulic cylinders for a perfect penetration into the building to be demolished.


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