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Interview with Giovanni Fiducia: 70 years in the business of processing and trading in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal

“The recovery, processing and trade of scrap metal has been our business for over 70 years.

Our story began in Parma in the 1950s thanks to my grandfather Giovanni who, with his wife Mina, used to collect scrap metal in the streets of our city with a simple hand pulled cart; he had this great passion for metals and, in the basement of his house, he started his business of sorting and cleaning pots and pans and various utensils before reselling them to the public.

In 1981, for logistical reasons, the company moved to its current location and grew rapidly, acquiring new machinery and providing new services. The company is still in that same location today, accumulating scrap metals which are processed and sorted in accordance with the highest environmental standards before being delivered to foundries and steelworks throughout Italy and Europe.

In 1990, with the same passion and enthusiasm first exhibited by my grandfather and later by my father, I joined the family business, which over the last 20 years with a lot of hard work, has grown from strength to strength. Now our family business has become a leading player in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling industry, not only in Emilia Romagna but also throughout all of northern Italy”.

Technological advancement while always respecting the environment

“Our company’s choice to implement the best technologies available on the market has allowed us to streamline the techniques used for scrap metal processing and to produce a quantifiably better product. This steadfast dedication to always follow our philosophy has signalled us out as serious and reliable point of reference for our suppliers and, above all, for our customers.

With the passage of time, the need for companies to act responsibly and for us all to strive towards creating a truly circular economy is increasing which is why, when we consider implementing new technologies and processes, we insist that that there must be an unavoidable link between the implementation of that new technology or process and our responsibility to protect the environment”.

The Fiducia firmly believes that the renewal and streamlining of machinery and equipment must respond to the need to offer a qualified service: with one eye on the technology and the other on the environment.

trituratore zato fiducia

Fiducia, by choosing Zato, becomes a promoter of sustainable change

“With a dedication and passion that sets us apart, we strive to be leaders in our industry to promote change that will not only meet the expectations of our customers, the steel mills and foundries but also adheres to the principles of creating a circular economy in which old scrap metal is given a new lease of life by being transformed in to new steel. This requires an effort by all of us in the sector to work and deliver cleaner scrap, which will lead to a reduction in atmospheric emissions while reducing our reliance of raw materials to create a more sustainable economic growth for everyone.

Zato´s BLUE DEVIL twin shaft shredder meets all of these lofty requirements, allowing us to add value to our scrap metal by producing a denser and cleaner product for our customers which uses less energy to melt and produces less pollutants during the transformation of old scrap in to new steel”.