When force is unrestrainable.

The idea of designing and manufacturing a mobile hammermill comes from the new approach of the market which follows more and more the evolution of the recycling industry.
The ZATO Mobile Hammermill is significantly compact and is installed on two trailers arranged on two trailers that, put one on the side of the other, allow to connect the cardan joint between the trailer on which the hammermill body is installed with the trailer with the motor/joint assembly is installed.
Differently from the past, when shredding meant only huge production for fixed systems, the concept of an easy movement by transporting the hammermill to different location in order to be able to process the material cutting transportation costs, makes the concept of mobile shredding an innovative and winning one.
The mobile Hammermill is the optimal solution for whoever wants to enter into foreign business putting aside the old business structures that were efficient only for who was able to gather a huge quantity to fill up entire ships.
It is a fact that 50% of the scrap bound for export is transported, differently from the past, in containers, thus, with a mobile hammermill there is the concrete possibility to process your material and sell it at the best price entering into the International business circuit.
The mobile Hammermill is the winning choice for whoever pressed or sheared their material losing the possibility of recovering non ferrous materials.



The two upper sections are closed and locked through hydraulic pins, operated by keyboard controlled electro-distributors and powered by the central unit. Opening and locking of the pins is performed through oil pressure cylinders. When operated, the cylinders push the cap upwards so to allow an easy operation on the grids.


Also the cradle housing the lower grid is closed by hydraulic pins. When the pins are removed, the two oil-pressure cylinders push the cradle on two guides arranged outside the hammermill up to the full withdrawal in order to make the grid replacement possible.


L’impianto viene appoggiato su degli speciali cuscinetti in materiale ammortizzante ricevendo in modo costante una potente forza di smorzamento. In questo modo il livello delle vibrazioni viene mantenuto ben al di sotto dei limiti massimi previsti dalla legge, nel rispetto dei criteri previsti in termini di sicurezza.


Within the lid, the quick discharge, acts as an outlet for non crushable heavy blocks.


The machine body, which is internally armoured by sturdy Hardox 400 plates, is shaped in a way that, inside, the material is subject to strong shaking, supporting the action of the rotor in crushing the material.


12 hammers, arranged in three rows of three, are hinged on the 7 discs of the rotor through 4 steel shafts and steel supports which were designed and manufactured in-house. The double row roller bearings are lubricated by an oil circuit. The discs on the rotor are separated one from the other by steel spacers and the whole assembly is bolted for guarantee a better elasticity and duration over time. Each disk is lined on its outer surface with special anti-wear material. Upon request, the rotor is supplied with protection shield that preserve the hammers and increase the inertia moment, returning a significant increase in hourly output.


Power can be used and directed only when it is controlled. The control system operates actively and constantly on the rotor, automatically reduces or increased its revolutions basing on the working conditions, on the frictions received while crushing, on the type of material while shredding. If required, the remote control allows also the manual operation: if needed controls the start and the stop of the feeding and operates the quick discharge. In the HP3000 version, with mobile rotor, the interaction between machine, feeding and rotor is controlled by the PLC, that receives all energy information and perfectly controls, in automatic and during the crushing stages, the movements of the rotor close and away from the grid allowing to set the dimensions of the materials and to optimize the wear of the hammers. For safety at work and higher performance And saving in operating costs.

Technical data may be changed.





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