When force is unrestrainable.

The hammermills  of the Blue Shark series  are systems suitable for transforming medium-heavy metal scrap into high quality shredded material . Shredded material is today and will be the most widely used material in steelworks because it better meets the density and purity (99.5% Fe) features imposed by governments for limiting atmospheric emissions and reducing electricity consumption coming from the use of furnaces and ovens.

The uniqueness of this machine comes from its technological innovation in the loading through automatic hydraulic pusher, applied for the first time on a hammermill, which allows optimal performance, reduced dimensions and the use of less workforce with the implied increase in the profits connected to the scrap processing, further than an operation in full safety.

The unparalleled quality and design and some of the most feature-rich advancements of any shredder on the market, make

ZATO’s hammermill a profitable and long lasting investment.

For the maximum return in terms of efficiency, in hammermills there is the option to completely extract its grids allowing extremely convenient maintenance services.



The two upper sections are closed and locked through hydraulic pins, operated by keyboard controlled electro-distributors and powered by the central unit . Opening and locking of the pins is performed through oil pressure cylinders. When operated, the cylinders push the cap upwards so to allow an easy operation on the grids.


Also the cradle housing the lower grid is closed by hydraulic pins. When the pins are removed, the two oil-pressure cylinders push the cradle on two guides arranged outside the mill up to the full withdrawal in order to make the grid replacement possible.


The system is placed on special cushioning bearings and receives a powerful damping force at all times. In
this way, the vibration level is kept well below the legal maximum limits, in compliance with the safety criteria.


Within the lid, the quick discharge, acts as an outlet for non crushable heavy blocks.


The machine body, which is internally armoured by sturdy Hardox 400 plates, is shaped in a way that, inside, the material is subject to strong shaking, supporting the action of the rotor in crushing the material.


12 hammers, arranged in three rows of three, are hinged on the 7 discs of the rotor through 4 steel shafts and steel supports which were designed and manufactured in-house. The double row roller bearings are lubricated by an oil circuit. The discs on the rotor are separated one from the other by steel spacers and the whole assembly is bolted for guarantee a better elasticity and duration over time. Each disk is lined on its outer surface with special anti-wear material. Upon request, the rotor is supplied with protection shield that preserve the hammers and increase the inertia moment, returning a significant increase in hourly output.


Power can be used and directed only when it is controlled. The control system operates actively and constantly on the rotor, automatically reduces or increased its revolutions basing on the working conditions, on the frictions received while shredding, on the type of material while shredding. If required, the remote control allows also the manual operation: if needed controls the start and the stop of the feeding and operates the quick discharge. In the HP3000 version, with mobile rotor, the interaction between machine, feeding and rotor is controlled by the PLC, that receives all energy information and perfectly controls, in automatic and during the crushing stages, the movements of the rotor close and away from the grid allowing to set the dimensions of the materials and to optimize the wear of the hammers. For safety at work and higher performance And saving in operating costs.


The system is supplied with a hydraulic equipment especially designed for extracting the shafts, the hammers and the protection plates. The extractor is directly operated by the hydraulic unit of the hammermill.


(optional) The strong, steel structure on which the machine is installed consists of sturdy arc welded beams housing inside all the auxiliary components of the system: vibrating surface, magnetic hopper, first unloading belt, hydraulic unit, electric unit. It is supplied complete of safety walkways and railings. The weight of the structure alone (excepting all the auxiliary components) is around 15 tons. A second structure, weighing around 9 tons, houses the motor and the gear/hydraulic assembly. It is supplied as well complete of safety walkways and railings.


The HP3000 model is equipped, as standard, with a mobile rotor (optional on other models). Two lifting cylinders move the rotor close or away from the output grids. The movement can be operated manually, through remote control, and automatically through PLC. The mobile rotor was devised mainly: 1. For removing non crushable pieces. The rotor, receiving an impact from below upwards, overcomes its weight and two special valves (arranged on the two cylinders that support the rotor) let the two cylinders slide upwards. In this way the impact is contained and furthermore the quick discharge opens and the piece is automatically ejected. At this point, the operator, by simply using the remote control, closes the quick discharge again and repositions the rotor at its normal operating height, in just a few seconds. 2. For unlocking the rotor which is possibly jammed by the material. Using the remote control, the rotor is brought to its maximum height, set to its operating speed and is lowered towards the jammed scrap making it operate like a cutter. 3. In order to set the dimension of the shredded material the approaching and withdrawal movement of the rotor from the grid allows to set the dimensions of the shredded material and to optimize the wear of the hammers. Any rotor movement operation can be performed when the machine is operating. The remote control: – Operates the feeding start and stop; – Changes the configuration of the rotor – Opens the quick discharge and at the same time cuts the feeding until the quick discharge is momentarily closed again.

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