Blue Devil GF4000 industrial scrap shredders for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

The Blue Devil GF4000 twin-shaft industrial ferrous shredders are the best-selling model in the medium-light scrap recycling market. They make it possible to optimise the shredding of bulky scrap by increasing the density and largely satisfying the production requirements of steel mills and foundries. The cutting shafts are equipped with 4 planetary gearboxes (2 per shaft) and 4 hydraulic motors (2 per shaft), and can be powered by an industrial diesel or electric motor. The shafts create a powerful cutting action that creates less noise, less dust and greater cutting efficiency than all other rotary shears on the market.

General features

  • Main shredder unit and rotating shafts encased in an oversized monolithic housing
  • Sturdy loading hopper manufactured from thick welded steel plate
  • Wear parts and protective armour plates made of Hardox 400 anti-ware steel


  • Blades remain firmly fixed to the shafts even under extreme stress and over load conditions
  • Shaft unit can be completely removed for maintenance and/or replacement of individual components (shafts, spacer, blade frame)
  • Unique designed cutting blades made of special heat-treated steel with a profile configuration designed for ultimate performance
  • Removable and replaceable ware parts specially treated to increase wear-resistance and durability
  • PLC controlled proprietary software programmed to automatically set the shaft speed, rotational direction and overload shutdown parameters
  • Power unit housing the electric or diesel motor and hydraulic pumps
  • Electrical control unit equipped with an HMI panel using operator-editable production parameters
  • Electrical panel equipped with modem for remote assistance
  • Set up and commissioning in 4 days without the need for civil works or other auxiliary structures
  • Soundproof container equipped with access doors for easy maintenance

Technical data

Technical data GF 4000
Shredding area dimensions Inch. 69 x 85
Body dimensions Inch. 87x 106 x 37
Blades quantity Nr 60
Loading hopper capacity FT3 247
Main power supply Diesel \ Electric drive
Total installed power KW/HP 445 / 597
Rotor speed (fast/slow) Hz FAST MAX 6
Total weight st 77


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