Zato offers to the customers from the scrapping industry a wide range of products and equipment to carry out easily the complex processing of ferrous and non ferrous scrap respecting the environment and according to the specific rules in force. In particular Zato proposes to scrap dealers  the twin shaft shredder - Zato Blue Devil, for the reduction in volume and the exploitation of ferrous and non ferrous scrap; the Hammermills – Blue Shark , suitable for transforming medium weight metal scrap into high quality shredded material;  Shear Balers - Blue Whale, recommended for compacting and shearing mixed scrap coming from collection and demolition. We recall among the equipment the Demolition Shears – Cayman; the Mobile Rail Breakers - Eagle Claw series, ideal for the reduction in size of tramrails and rails for cranes or for tempered and hardened bars and the Stationary Rail Breakers. Furthermore Separation lines, iron and metal, essential for sorting and separatingthe shredded and sheared scrap; Air Separators – Zig Zag, completing the shredding lines through hammermills, for cleaning the crushed material from its light fraction (fluff, dust, paint, etc…); Lastly Variable filling hydraulic clutches-joints/gears.


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