ZATO presents at Ecomondo 2015 Blue Marlin, the new single-shaft Primary Shredder.

 Zato presents at ECOMONDOfrom 3rd to 6th of November 2015 Italy Rimini, BLUE MARLIN PS 2800/835 the new  single-shaft Primary Shredder powerful, effecient and durable; designed to offer reliable solutions in waste recycling and riqualification.


The BLUE MARLIN PS 2800/835 single-shaft primary shredders are used to reduce non pre-treated materials to a predefined output format and prepare them for a more effective secondary shredding.

An innovative pusher helps to increase performance in collaboration with the rotor. Through a load sensing control circuit, the PLC provides a boost of power according to the material being processed.

The shredding system involves the use of a grid which determines a uniform size of optimal quality.

As for any machine designed by Zato, one of the challenges during the design phase for Blue Marlin has been to maximize the accessibility of all operations of ordinary maintenance for the operator, so as to be performed in total safety and in order to significantly reduce downtime for tooling and maintenance.



  1. - Rugged construction;
  2. - Simple and safe access to the fixed blades by means of hydraulic commands;
  3. - Grid opens hydraulically and is easily accessible;
  4. - Optimized management through easily configurable software for processing of different materials;
  5. - Two gearboxes, one on each side of the shaft to adequately convey power and avoid any shaft twisting in the presence of objects defined as unshreddable because of weight or size;
  6. - Strong gearbox support with double torque arm;
  7. - Hydraulic power unit designed and manufactured by Zato;
  8. - Components from leading international brands;
  9. - Open hydraulic circuit to allow better long-term safety and ease maintenance;
  10. - Hydraulics with constant power pumps and load sensing that allow power savings during standby;
  11. - All electrical and hydraulic components are housed in a 20-foot container with soundproof walls, conditioned -only in the electric version-, protected from dust, accessible and easy to maintain.



  • - Aluminum sheet and profiles
  • - Light industrial waste
  • - White appliances
  • - Radiators
  • - Light steel from collection
  • - Plastic
  • - Domestic waste
  • - Copper waste
  • - Cans
  • - Tires
  • - Rubber
  • - Wood
  • - Textiles
  • - Carpets and mattresses
  • - Pulper

    blue-marlin-zato single-shaft-primary-shredder

Come and see it at Ecomondo! We look forward to meeting you at stand 86 Hall A3 from 3rd to 6th November, Rimini Italy.


Preparing the single-shaft of Blue Marlin Primary Shredder for Ecomondo.