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Multi Functional Crushers Transformer

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Transformer provides a complete and coordinated use of all the different functions available, which used together solve even the most difficult and complex demolition operations. The multi functional crusher Transformer is available in 3 models with 4 different functions:

  • Demolition Kit: designed for primary and secondary demolition of concrete;
  • Combi Kit: it combines the primary demolition with the cutting of important steel elements present in the structures;
  • Shear Kit: designed for cutting structural profiles, sheet metal, tanks, and any part in soft metal.
  • Plyer Kit: designed for primary demolition.

An innovative hydraulic unlocking system helps solve different issues regarding time and difficulty in changing the kits. All models are equipped with a speed multiplier valve to increase the performance of the jaw movement. All different Transformer Kits are produced to reach elevated power with a wide jaw to favor high productivity, and contained dimensions for an easy use and visibility during operating phase. All parts subject to normal wear can be replaced to restore the efficiency of the attachment to 100%.

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