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Demolition Shears Cayman

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Our demolition shear technology was born twenty years ago with distinctive design elements that still meet specific functions, making it unique.

It is the technology of a reliable, robust and practically indestructible shear. Our engineers have designed elements that still unchange thus performing up to expectations, and they have also created elements over the years that have uniquely shaped the style of our demolition shear.


The demolition shear Cayman is one of a kind in its distinctive design: the side shape and the mobile jaw. We have improved it with a series of features such as the second guide of the jaw and the tip entirely covered by the blade. This accentuates the operating and maintenance performances of the shear.

Its powerful cylinder together with the aggressive geometry of the cutting area, allows to obtain excellent performance from each Cayman shear model.


The extraordinary cutting capacity of Cayman is the summary of a combination of high quality steel used to produce the main body, in addition to the exclusive technologies of its components such as cutting blades, gearboxes, and regenerative valves. The shears are suitable to be employed in all harsh working conditions.

Our range of 8 powerful demolition shear models provide astonishing performance, all of which can be supplied in both fixed and mobile versions. This ensures the possibility to mount them on a wide range of excavators and loaders, guaranteeing the best productivity and maximum enjoyment which are inborn qualities among all our shears.

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