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Diamond Wire Saws Blue Spider

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This machine allows you to cut blocks of material without any limitation as far as width, volume, and shape. It is the most cost effective and safe solution compare to blowtorch cutting. Blue Spider is very versatile and easy to use, among the advantages there is high speed with unlimited widths, low noise level, and total absence of vibrations. This guarantees fast and safe preliminary demolition operations. Blue Spider is a single rope stationary cutting machine with VFD electric motor and a 30 kW power consumption.


The cutting procedure is from top to bottom, cutting the whole piece vertically in two steps. The cutting possibilities are various: it may be possible to add cutting sections to the work project, or to reduce the number, depending on the size of the blocks to be obtained.

The Blue Spider diamond wire saw can operate in continuous cycle. The maintenance operations and the replacement of the used diamond rope is very quick and easy. Zato is head of a team of experts engaged in the field of Marine Demolition, which guarantees you to be at the forefront of the diamond wire cutting operation, even if the use of this technique can be applied on almost all materials.
The Blue Spider diamond wire saw is ideal for demolishing ships, sports stadium, power plants, paper mills, silos, smokestacks, vaults, diaphragms, etc.


Our references are scattered among many yards:

  • Demolition off shore platforms
  • Ship demolition (underwater or dry)
  • Nuclear plants and other dangerous sites
  • Scrap blocks for heavy use
  • Controlled civil demolition
  • And many other fields.

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