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Blue Devil GF4000 industrial ferrous shredders

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Blue Devil GF4000 industrial scrap shredders for any shredding and grinding need

The Blue Devil GF4000 industrial ferrous shredders are the best-selling machines in the range as they largely meet the production needs of most users.

The cutting shafts are equipped with 4 planetary gears (2 per shaft) and 4 hydraulic motors (2 per shaft) and can be powered by a diesel or electric industrial engine.


The industrial ferrous shredders are supplied with the following features:

  • Shredder body in a solid, very thick monolithic element
  • Sturdy welded steel structure loading hopper
  • Shredder body support scaffolding equipped with a tilting chute to change the unloading side of the processed material
  • Replaceable walls and armour plates of the machine body made of Hardox 400
  • Replaceable heads of the machine body made of Hardox 400
  • Shaft unit that can be completely removed for maintenance and/or replacement of individual components (shafts, spacer, blade frame)
  • Blade fixing using a special system developed by Zato that allows them to be held on the shaft in extreme stress and load conditions
  • Blades made of special suitably heat-treated steel with a profile configuration designed for improved performance
  • Removable and replaceable cleaning sectors with surface in contact with the shaft previously treated to increase wear-resistance
  • Induction hardened spacers in the area in contact with the material to increase wear-resistance and extend life
  • Management in automatic mode of shaft speed and shut-down via PLC.
  • Supply unit housed in container, which is positioned 6-12 metres from the shredder, safe from impact, damage and dust recirculation
  • Electrical panel equipped with HMI panel with operator-editable production parameters
  • Electrical panel equipped with modem for remote assistance and machine data saving on the Zato web portal
  • Wireless remote control for controlling machine operating functions with emergency stop button, manual/automatic position
  • Easy installation (6 days max.) and transfer (3 days max.)
  • Soundproof container equipped with access doors for maintenance
  • Primary brand bearings in solid bronze cage outside the shredding chamber, shielded by sealing gaskets and lubricated with grease through an automatic control unit controlled via PLC.

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