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Since ever the first shredder that we have manufactured, we explore technologies, still precluded to other manufacturers nowadays.

This approach is perfectly embodied in the FP series of our Blue Shark Hammermill.

In consideration of present business conditions, where overcapacity of mega-shredders is putting significant pressure to be profitable on scrap recycling companies, we have engineered a new shredder series that has these features:

  • a more reasonable investment,
  • easier to manage,
  • the greatest ease in maintenance, ,
  • the most compact than any other available on the market.

Plant management costs are really kept to a minimum.


General features

The Blue Shark FP series hammermill’s greatest uniqueness is that the scrap is loaded into a feeding hopper, that, whilst containing the material provision, is also an extra impediment from projectiles expulsion coming from the shredding chamber. A hydraulic pushing feeder system allows an automatically controlled feeding of the hammermill avoiding all problems of overfeeding.

The process could be automatic or control with a remote control by the operator, who doesn’t sit in a control cabin, but easily operates the hammermill sitting in the crane, loading the scrap into the feeding hopper.
This option represents one of the great advantages of the FP Series: one operator manages all, no control cabin and no supervisor operator are required.

The shredding chamber is a heavy welded steel plate construction, fabricated very thick plates, suitably stiffened and reinforced to withstand the arduous duty.
It is equipped with a remote controlled hydraulically operated ejection door, designed to withstand unshreddable material which may be inadvertently fed into the shredder.

The shredding chamber and the pushing feeder are covered by high-impact resistant steel liner plates, made of wear resistant Hardox plates, bolted to the main body to allow their easy replacement.

The assembly is installed on supporting structures made of robust carbon steel profiles, welded together with structural reinforcements. Walkways and safety hand railings are bolted to the main structure and allow an easy and safe access to the equipment.

We offer three different types of high-inertia, long life rotors, to meet different requirements of clients and industries, all installed on heavy-duty bearing housings.

The main drive motor is a recognized name brand industrial motor, designed to withstand the requirements of a shredding operation, that is coupled to the shredder by a drive shaft with a hydraulic coupling of our own exclusive design and manufacturing. It allows to gently accelerate driven machines, limit torque, provide load sharing, and dampen torsional vibrations. In other words, a real, safe protection for the motor.

Not only the bottom, middle part and top housing movements are carried out with oil hydraulics without any screws, but also opening takes place only by means of oil hydraulic cylinders easily operated by a dedicated remote control.

The extractable grids frame, in order to facilitate and speed up grids change and al maintenance operations.

The hammermill is also supplied with a detachable maintenance platform with integrated hammer pins extractor, for an easy and quick replacement of hammers, hammer shafts and rotor caps. The platform is equipped with walkways and platforms.

Normally, all hammermills manufacturers suggest installing a pre-shredder in front of the hammermill, as truly essential equipment to control the feed rate, leading to a more uniform flow of material through the shredder itself, and a higher density product.

At Zato we have developed an integrated solution, where our pre-shredder Blue Devil GF Series is combined with our hammermill Blue Shark FP series, thus enabling a faster shredding, higher efficiency, better output product and higher production rates, while protecting the hammermill itself.



We provide reliable solutions for almost all shredder applications with optimal efficiency, especially for scraps from collection and all pre-cut materials.

  • Car shredding: pre-cut ELVs
  • Domestic scrap (except non-shreddable material)
  • Light miscellaneous scrap
  • White goods / household appliances
  • Aluminum scrap, sheets and profiles
  • UBC, brass, copper
  • RAEE electrical and electronic scrap
  • Electric engines / transformers
  • Waste ash from incineration plants
  • Construction and demolition materials (except non-shreddable material)

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