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Scrap Cleaning Plants Blue Sorter ferrous scraps

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Ferrous Scrap Cleaning Plants for:

  • Scrap coming from hammermills;
  • scrap coming from twin-shaft shredders;
  • scrap coming from demolition shears.

In the various range configurations, Blue Sorter has the task of cleaning ferrous material from the non-ferrous impurities present. The material is loaded in the vibrating hopper surface by means of a loader. The vibrating surface feeds and opens the material toward the electromagnetic drum, which attracts only the ferrous part. The non-ferrous material falls onto the underlying belt which sends it to storage. This base configuration of the separation line can be equipped with other machines in order to perform improved cleaning and selection, both on the ferrous and non-ferrous side.



  • Unloading chutes for processed material made of wear-resistant manganese material
  • Vibrating surfaces with the bottom covered in bolted anti-wear material for easy maintenance
  • Intense electromagnetic field drum for separating ferrous from non-ferrous material
  • Reliable and own-designed conveyor lines, to provide adaptable material handling solutions for every project. Built for quick installation, fast commissioning and minimal maintenance.
  • Eddy-current machine feeding belt equipped with a magnetic pulley for accurate removal of ferrous residue (where applicable)
  • Primary construction eddy-current machine for the accurate selection of non-ferrous metals with multiple configurations (where applicable)
  • Suitable maintenance structures for complete, safe access to the plant during maintenance
  • Line management electrical panel, complete with programmable logic control (PLC) with automatic management of the plant start-up and shut-down cycle
  • HMI panel for global supervision of the machine operating status

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