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Non ferrous scrap cleaning plants:

  • Scrap coming from hammermills.

We offer our customers a profitable and effective solution for non-ferrous metal dry retrieval with our downstream lines made of screeners, vibratory feeders, eddy current separators, X-ray sorting systems and special air gravity tables, designed to separate the light metals (aluminum and Magnesium) from the heavier ones (like copper, brass, lead, zinc, etcetera).

The high quality of the processed and sorted metals ensures their re-use in the smelting process, achieveing value creation and commercial safety, and so providies an important contribution to improve recycle of valuable residues and the use of resources.
Our non-ferrous downstreams retrieval stations include:

Sorting of all non-ferrous metals with sensor technology;

  • Alloy detection and detection of heavy and light elements;
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling, using the most powerful high-tech;
  • High purity of sorted product, heavy and light metals

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