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The Streamliner impact mills are powerful separation and sorting technology for the processing of:

  • aggregates containing wearing minerals;
  • glass;
  • coal;
  • foundry slag polluted by un-shreddable;
  • eaf slag containing metals to be recycled;
  • slags/ashes from coal based power plant;
  • high wear materials.

The Streamliner is a completely new piece of technology, applied and optimised by Zato to obtain exceptional results in the recycle of metals from the zorba processing.
Bottom ash from domestic waste incinerators (IBA) and Auto Shredder Residue (ASR) from hammermills.



The incineration of solid urban waste and other waste flows produces a significant amount of ash residue, which often contains precious metals. IBA typically contains 6-8% ferrous and 2-3% non ferrous metals.

The non ferrous metals are called zorba and are traditionally recycled in a mechanical process by means of screeners, magnets and Eddy Current Separators. But this technology is not working very well and manage to retrievel only the 40% of non ferrous metals.

The most common equipment used for polishing the zorba retrieved from IBA is a grinder.

Grinding metals has some disadvantages:

  • Generation of metal dust that it cannot be retrieved with conventional technologies.
  • Heating up the aluminum: aluminum oxidizes and therefore loses value;
  • Loss of precious metals: grinding removes the coating shield of gold and silver of the electric contacts in the zorba.

The solution developed by Zato for polishing the zorba from IBA is called Streamliner. Steamliner is a very high efficiency impact crusher, able to achieve an excellent polishing of the zorba recovered from IBA without grinding it.


Streamliner allows to:

  • Clean the zorba without losing metals in dust;
  • Clean the zorba without heating it up because there is no oxidation of aluminum particles;
  • Clean the zorba without removing precious metals coating of the electric contacts.

As a result:

  • The value of zorba is increased: the zorba, once processed by Streamliner, does not look like material coming from IBA, but it looks like a common zorba form ASR;
  • Zorba is cleaner: so, its price is not penalized by additional disposal cost or processing fees;
    Higher recovery of zorba: Streamliner by pulverizing the inert, allows a more aggressive setting of the ECS;
  • Better quality of aggregates, by removing more zorba the aggregate is far cleaner than before.


In a shredding line, after the magnetic separation, residual fractions of non-ferrous metals is called ASR.
To recover the valuable residues contained in the ASR, and thus to adhere to the statutory recycling rates, the use of high-efficiency separation and sorting technology is essential.

Steamliner is an impact mills capable to pulverise rocks and glass contained in the ASR, making the metal recovery process easier and more cost-effective.


The infeed chute presents the material to a first high-speed rotating drum provided with hitting plates around its circumference, which is accelerating the particles and throw them through a defined trajectory.

The trajectory of the particles is oriented on the hitting plate of a second extra high speed rotor.

When the particles hit the hitting plate of the second rotor, the total impact energy is given by the square of the sum of the two speeds.

The combined speed of the impact is above 300 mph (about 480km/h).
It allows to achieve for each single particle a so high impact energy able to pulverize it immediately.

After the impact with the hitting plate of the second rotor the particles are thrown to the wall, where they are subject to a further and final impact.

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