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Industrial Mono-Shaft Shredder Blue Marlin

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The Blue Marlin single-shaft shredders are used to reduce non pre-treated materials to a predefined output size and prepare them for more effective secondary shredding.

An innovative pusher helps to increase the throughput performance, working together with the rotor. By means of a load sensing control circuit, the PLC provides a suitable power force based on the material being processed. The shredding system involves the use of a grid which determines a uniform size of optimal quality.

As with all Zato machinery, one of the challenges during the Blue Marlin design phase was to maximise accessibility for all ordinary maintenance operations by the operator, in order to ensure complete safety and significantly reduce downtime for tooling and maintenance.

Processable materials:

  • Aluminium sheets and profiles;
  • Light industrial waste – white appliances;
  • Radiators;
  • Light steel from collection – Plastic;
  • Solid domestic waste;
  • Copper waste;
  • Cans;
  • Rubber and tyres;
  • Wood;
  • Textiles;
  • Carpets and mattresses;
  • Pulper.

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