Suitable for any kind of rail and tempered bars

The Eagle Claw series rail breakeris the optimal solution for all the works that imply the reduction in size of tramrails and rails for cranes or for tempered and hardened bars. The shearing zone, the inner zone for the sliding of the rollers and the inner part of the frame are interchangeable parts which can be easily replaced and are covered by removable shields.

It is possible to install the rail breaker both on a fixed support and on the excavator. The shearing cycle of the rail breaker is fully automatic and managed by a PLC program that defines the length of the cuts. A significant advantage coming from the use of this equipment lays certainly in the cut of labour cost spent in oxyfuel cutting and therefore a further advantage comes from the optimisation of processing times. Furthermore, it is important to recall the saving related to wear and damages as compared to non dedicated equipment which are employed for this kind of work.



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