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The Cayman RB rail breaker is the perfect piece of equipment for quick and productive cutting of all types of rails.

The Cayman RB rail breaker is successfully and profitably used in the volume reduction industrial sector and in the subsequent recycling of railroad and tram rails, making expensive manual oxyfuel cutting systems, traditionally used for these pieces, completely useless and obsolete. Among the innovative design and numerous cutting-edge technical qualities of all ZATO machines, the Cayman RB rail breaker is also itself the result of our long experience in the design and construction of recycling equipment.

Effective, built to last over time, to keep maintenance times and costs to a minimum and to make the most of the materials that it processes. Main Technical features:

- Solid, durable frame made with materials suitable to protect the mechanical parts and to withstand heavy-duty work.

- Cylinder designed with high bores to allow powerful cutting forces and which is fully protected.

- Cutting area composed of a solid, compact mobile jaw carrying two 4-time interchangeable blades designed to reduce jaw wear and maintenance. In the RB 40 model, this aspect is enhanced by the presence of an anti-wear jaw blade, replacing the overlay welding present on the RB20 model, making it more resistant and efficient when faced with particular rails.

- Specific design to cut rails in a safe, easy and clean manner. Continuous, simplified hydraulic rotation to reduce maintenance operations to a minimum. Possibility of mounting at boom and bucket position.

All parts subject to wear on the Cayman RB rail breaker can be replaced to restore equipment effectiveness to 100%.


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