One of Zato’s strong points is the mechanical and functional reconditioning of used machinery. 


Trained staff Refurbishes the used machinery, both Zato branded or from other manufacturers, regardless of the fact it is a simple piece of equipment or a complex system. Specialized technicians perform a check on used machinery and equipment in order to restore them and to bring them back to perfect operation. Zato guarantees the reconditionment of the systems performed in house or directly at the customer’s premises. Thanks to this process the company offers to the market perfectly efficient machinery. That’s an added value to Zato’s production. The passion and the skills of the specialized staff working for this company are capable to make this reconditionment service efficient and to guarantee assistance in case of any malfunctioning of the systems. Thanks to cutting edge IT tools and the modern technology employed, the checks performed on used systems are efficient and safe. Whoever decided to address Zato for purchasing an used machine relies on a solid company that guarantees its service and products.