Blue Shark Hammer mill CS Series

Hammer mill Blue Shark CS series is characterized by a feeding system with conveyor and roll. Zato Blue Rex infeed conveyor is a heavy-duty conveyor engineered to withstand heavy shocks and impact loads. The loading area is a massive construction and thick steel plates sidewalls are disposed along the belt length.

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metal shredder cs

General features

  • Provided with labyrinth seals to prevent lateral spillage and eliminate chain damage
  • Rollers and rails manufactured from hardened steel alloy to reduce wear and prolong operational life
  • Noise level and power consumption are at minimum levels
  • The process could be automatic or controlled with a remote control by the operator
  • Three different types of high-inertia, long life rotors, to meet different requirements
  • The control cabin is designed with sound proofed, insulated sandwich elements


  • The shredding chamber is a heavy welded steel plate construction, fabricated very thick plates, suitably stiffened and reinforced to withstand the arduous duty
  • Shredding chamber is equipped with a remote controlled hydraulically operated ejection door, designed to withstand unshreddable material which may be inadvertently fed into the shredder
  • The shredding chamber and the pushing feeder are covered by high-impact resistant steel liner plates, made of wear resistant Hardox plates, bolted to the main body to allow their easy replacement
  • The assembly is installed on supporting structures made of robust carbon steel profiles, welded together with structural reinforcements
  • The main drive motor is a recognized name brand industrial motor, designed to withstand the requirements of a shredding operation, that is coupled to the shredder by a drive shaft with a hydraulic coupling of our own exclusive design and manufacturing
  • Extractable grids frame to facilitate and speed up grids change and maintenance operations
  • The hammer mill is also supplied with a detachable maintenance platform with integrated hammer pins extractor, for an easy and quick replacement of hammers, hammer shafts and rotor caps

Technical data

Technical data 12.10 FP-CS 16.13 FP 16.13 CS 19.22 FP – CS
Cutting chamber HP 420 1000 1200 1500 – 2000 – 3000
Rotor swing Inch 47 63 63 75
Rotor width Inch 39 51 51 87


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