ZATO’s shear balers are made of simple but sturdy arc welded metal components.

BLUE WHALE is perfectly independent and is equipped, directly on board of the motor pump unit, diesel or electric, and with the full electric and oil pressure components required for its operation and control.

In order to reduce frictions and ease the compacting of the material, ZATO shear balers are equipped with a specifically designed compression box. The first compression system is performed through two oscillating “wings” that are hinged to the sliding base, and are both designed for reducing friction wear during operation.

These specific systems have the surface of the precompression box and all the inner surfaces contacting the material to be processed made of anti-wear high resistance steel, which shear the scrap and produce packs which are ejected, through the automatic cycle, in the front from the shear outlet.

BLUE WHALE machines are designed for a correct and accurate machine cycle and are equipped with high resistance and thickness guides, with automatic lubrication of each single point, guides installed on all sliding elements. to guarantee maximum reliability, mechanically protected bumpers.

Studied down to the tiniest detail, ZATO’s shear balers are ready to meet the requirements of simplicity and speed of the marker: the absence of foundation blocks allows an easy installation and the presence of automatic hydraulic stabilizers allows easy loading and unloading operations.

Both in the diesel and in the electric powered version, the whole system is PLC controlled, joined by an operator panel for the machine monitoring and a software for the best management of the motor and of the automatic sharing and pressing cycle.


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