A machine for different purposes.

Metals are not all the same: each one has peculiar features which impose the use of suitable machines for processing them at best.
You need appropriate equipment, developed observing and examining each single technical feature, the capability of being processed, the resistance of the material to be sheared.
Only a company having a really deep knowledge, both of the features of the materials to be processed and of the condition said material must have to enter into the production cycle, can develop a really efficient and satisfactory machine.
Aluminium has different features than iron.
For this reason traditional shears, designed for processing iron, cannot be employed for both materials without any distinction.
The shear must be applied on the whole area in which the material contacts the machine, for this reason the blades cover internally, both longitudinally and horizontally wise, the whole inlet area.
Also the geometry of the cutting area must be adapted for achieving an easy expulsion of the sheared material, that right for its malleability features, tends to pack and remain blocked in the discharge area.
Only Zato, thanks to its strong specialization, is capable to offer a real answer meeting any specific processing need.


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