BLUE DEVIL twin-shaft shredder SERIE II
Impossible to do better

The Blue Devil twin-shaft shredder is the most performing and effective solution currently on the market to carry out the fragmentation of metal scrap.

The bulk scrap is cut into small dimensions, increasing its density and freeing the precious and non-precious metals that are easily recovered with dedicated separation lines.

The use of high resistant steel makes our twin-shaft shredder the strongest in its category and allows the use of very high torques to cut particularly difficult materials and thicknesses, guaranteeing never seen before levels of performances in the total safety of the machine and its components.

The technology of the high engineering applied to the shafts is distinguished by its robustness excellent construction materials, precision machining operations, and consequently significantly improved work performance. All the drive assembly is positioned in a separate container, soundproof, lighted, and ventilated.

When a critical working situation is detected, the PLC is able to activate in a few fractions of a second a series of preventive actions, such as slowing down the shafts or inverting their rotation direction.
The PLC manages automatically the speed change of the shafts according to the resistance force during shredding. Normally the system functions at a max. speed of 6 RPM. Once the torque set in the PLC is exceeded, the speed is reduced by 50% to allow to generate double torque. This setting can be modified according to the program set by the operator. If the shredder is not able to shred the input material it will carry out reversal rotation.

From a sophisticated PLC to remote assistance which keeps track of the alarms and allows the user and our technicians to monitor all the functioning analysis. The Blue Devil includes technologies designed to offer advanced, simple and timely management. All the data is collected locally in the electrical cabinet and published on the Zato service server in order to carry out backups and execute preventive analysis useful to research damages and for maintenance purposes.

The Blue Devil twin-shaft shredder is equipped with a 10” high definition touch screen to view all the useful information and simultaneously to interact with other functions to increase efficiency and flexibility of use and apply preventive measurements for the safety of the system.

The 3 models, from Diesel to electric driven engines, are able to cover all the needs of the market reaching performances in terms of productivity which are as of today unmatched by machines offered by other manufacturers.




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