Twin-Shaft Shredder for both bulk and packed collection scrap and car

BLUE DEVIL is the only machine offered on the market specifically designed to be used in the shredding of steel scrap.

The processing of steel scrap is essential for providing it with homogeneous features and high specific weight. The BLUE DEVIL twin-shaft shredders are designed for achieving the maximum reduction in volume of ferrous and non ferrous scrap and ensure their maximum value possible, thanks to a very high density (0.8 tonn/m3 minimum).

Shredded material is sensibly improved because, being not pressed, is free from trapped elements which may pollute the cast and therefore is more valuable for the steelworks, which value and pay more this shredded material as compared to the classic sheared material.

Steelworks appreciates this kind of scrap first of all because any risk of explosion in furnaces cause by closed bodies accidentally introduces is avoided, the cradles of the load to the furnace are simpler and reduced in number. A further relevant element is the great reduction in melting times in the electric furnace. Together with these features a better protection for Graphite Electrodes is achieved.

The BLUE DEVIL twin-shaft shredders guarantee the absence of any peak of electricity, because the electrodes do not contact bulky scrap pieces (packs, pressed sheared scrap).



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