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Blue Marlin single shaft shredders

Single shaft shredding machines for aluminium profiles, scrap and waste

The Blue Marlin single-shaft shredders are used to reduce non pre-treated materials to a predefined output sizes and prepare them for more effective secondary shredding. One of the biggest challenges encountered during the design phase was to maximise the accessibility of all operations of ordinary maintenance for the operator, so as to be performed in total safety and in order to significantly reduce downtime for tooling and maintenance.

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General features

  • Extraordinary robustness in every element
  • Maximum accessibility to all wear parts: blades and grille
  • High-quality components selected from leading international brands
  • Load Sensing Software for optimised processing of different materials


  • Two gearboxes to convey power and avoid any shaft twisting in the presence of objects defined as unshreddable because of weight or size
  • Strong gearbox support with double torque arm
  • Hydraulic power unit designed and manufactured by Zato
  • Open hydraulic circuit to allow better long-term safety and ease of maintenance
  • Hydraulics with constant power pumps and Load Sensing allowing power saving during standby


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