The Blue Devil twin shaft shredders are the most efficient, effective solution for shredding scrap metal. Bulky scrap is reduced into small sized pieces, creating a twofold positive effect: increased material density and the release of any other trapped metals, which can then be easily separated using special sorting lines.

twin shaft shredders

High Engineering And Applied Mechanical Technology

The Blue Devil Industrial Shredders is made of high-strength steel and is the strongest in its class. It allows the use of very high torques to cut particularly difficult materials and thicknesses, guaranteeing unprecedented and completely safe performance. High engineering and excellent construction materials are also applied to the shafts, the beating heart of the system. This ensures maximum strength and unprecedented precision.

Digital Innovation In Blue Devil Twin Shaft Industrial Shredders

The Blue Devil Industrial Shredder PLC combines innovation and automation. The PLC automatically manages the speed change of the shafts according to the resistance encountered during shredding. When it recognises critical working situations, it is able to take preventive measures such as slowing down or reversing shaft rotation within seconds. It also keeps track of variables and alarms to monitor all KPIs.

industrial twin shaft shredders
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Augmented Reality And Artificial Intelligence

Equipped with a responsive 10″ high-definition touch-screen, the PLC also allows data to be stored and backed up directly on the Zato Service portal. The introduction of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence software allows our specialists to manage monitoring, service and maintenance operations fully remotely and to respond promptly to our customers’ requests for assistance.

Our twin shaft shredders are ideal for the demolition of the following bulk and packaged metals:

•Scrap sourced from car scrap;
• Collection scrap;
• Light industrial scrap;
• General low carbon content scrap;
• Ferrous and aluminium profiles;
• Steel sheets;
• Whole automobiles;
• Rubber;
• Tyres;
• White goods;
• Wood

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