Products for the Recycling of Waste Materials

Zato designs and manufactures plants and equipment capable of meet the specific needs of the recycling world.

Zato’s products are designed to ensure high-quality product processes and stand out for their reliability, flexibility and ease of management.

Metal shredders


Blue Shark metal shredders are the most efficient medium-size shredding solution and with the most affordable price available on the market, especially designed to meet the request of a growing, demanding metals recycling industry worldwide.

Industrial shredders


The Blue Devil twin shaft shredder is the most performing and effective solution currently on the market to carry out the fragmentation of metal scrap. The bulk scrap is cut into small dimensions, increasing its density and freeing the precious and non-precious metals that are easily recovered with dedicated separation lines.

Single-shaft shredders


Single-shaft shredders are used to reduce both bulk materials and prepare it for further separation and classification. The machines allow an excellent re-sizing of the material, in order to obtain a significant increase in density, thanks to the expulsion grids and an excellent release of impurities.

Scrap cleaning plants


Thanks to its experience in the treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and in operations downstream of processing, Zato is a recognised leader in the optimisation of the two main parameters to be considered in the definition of a downstream plant: - Recycling - Purity of selected metals

Diamond wire saw cutting machines


Diamond wire saw makes it possible to cut large pieces of steel and demolition materials with large thicknesses in a much more efficient, economical, safe way and in total respect for the environment compared to the current technology applied.

Demolition shears


The demolition shears are the appropriate equipment for the demolition of ferrous and aluminum. They are succesfully adopted to reduce the size of rebars, profiles and bulky scrap.

Rail breakers shears


Rail breakers are perfect for the quick and efficient cut of every kind of rail. They have been studied specifically to reduce railroad and tram rails.

Demolition attachments


Our hydraulic equipment for structures and buildings demolition have been studied to reduce and demolish ferrous material and concrete; they are used in the industrial demolition sector and recycling.

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