Scrap cleaning plants

Scrap cleaning machines and metal sorting lines for ferrous and non-ferrous materials

The usage of scrap cleaning plants in downstream ferrous and non-ferrous material grinding is an essential step in scrap recycling and freeing of impurities. While shredding guarantees an optimal definition of the dimensions, the downstream process allows an effective separation of the different metals and residues, increasing the added value of the treated material.

The first step of the process downstream of the Blue Sorter ferrous and non-ferrous scrap cleaning and sorting machine consists of a Light/Heavy separation which is carried out in an aeraulic separator, also called a Z-Box or Zig Zag, which separates light shredder residues (Light ASR, mainly composed of light plastics, light foam plastics, light wood, fabrics, etc.) from the heavy fraction where metals are typically concentrated.

A specially designed magnetic separator, which can include magnetic drums, belt magnets and pulleys, guarantees effective recycling of both the small and the large size ferrous fraction.

Furthermore, the flow of material not attracted by the magnetic separator of the Blue Sorter contains a large variety of non-ferrous metals such as: Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel that can be further separated and classified by means of eddy current separators, induction sensor selectors, x-ray separators or water-based flotation systems.

Thanks to its experience in the treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and in operations downstream of processing, Zato is a recognised leader in the optimisation of the two main parameters to be considered in the definition of a downstream plant:
– Recycling
– Purity of selected metals

The Blue Sorter ferrous and non-ferrous scrap cleaning plants can be equipped with sorting chambers that offer the possibility of manual separation and material inspection. These can be equipped with appropriate heating and cooling systems and are suitable for installation inside and outside company facilities.

Ideal for the separation and cleaning of the following materials:

  • Scrap coming from hammermills
  • Scrap coming from twin shaft shredders
  • Scrap coming from demolition shears
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Aluminium
  • Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA)
  • Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)

We understand each customer’s needs and design our scrap sorting lines and cleaning machines with the features that are most important to them. So, please, feel free to ask us and we will be glad to provide you solutions, that optimize both recovery and purity of your metal scrap.

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