Blue Sorter for non-ferrous scrap

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Blue Sorter for non-ferrous scrap

This Blue Sorter is ideal for the processing of non-ferrous scrap coming from hammermills. We offer our customers a profitable and effective solution for non-ferrous metal dry retrieval with our downstream lines made of screeners, vibratory feeders, eddy current separators, X-ray sorting systems and special air gravity tables.

non ferrous metals

General features

  • Separates light metals from heavier ones
  • High quality of processed/sorted metals ensures their re-use in the smelting process


  • Provides an important contribution to improve recycle of valuable residues
  • Sorting of all non-ferrous metals with sensor technology
  • Alloy detection and detection of heavy and light elements
  • High purity of sorted product, heavy and light metals


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