Tire shredders and recycling machines

Pre-shredding plants for large and heavy-duty truck and tractor tires

Zato designs and manufactures tire shredders for the recycling of oversized truck and tractor tires which can be very difficult to process using standard tire shredders.

Tire pre-shredding plants to downsize extremely large volumes

Zato offers sturdy and powerful tire pre-shredding plants, capable of pre shredding high volumes of oversized tyres with ease. These machines are designed to efficiently downsize heavy duty and oversized truck and tractor tires in a more effective way than standard tyre shredders can. In order to be profitable, tire recycling needs to be a volume driven business and to be able to process these high volumes you need a powerful high torque pre shredder to downsize the oversized truck and tractor tyres in to manageable chunks. The Taurus Blue Devil rotary shear possess the right attributes to downsize even the largest tyres with ease.

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