Demolition shears

Cayman demolition shears for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap

For more than 20 years, we have been designing and manufacturing highly-efficient hydraulic demolition shears for recycling medium and heavy ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Cayman effectively reduce the size of steel and aluminium bars, profiles, downsize bulky scrap and facilitate the recovery of recyclable materials and residues. Manufactured in Italy, Cayman demolition shears integrate state-of-the-art technology with innovative cutting geometries.

Our mobile scrap shears are ideal for processing: 

Light and heavy scrap metal processing

Industrial and
civil demolition

Ship/special plant demolition, scap car (ELV) recycling

Beam processing, single rail and tram application

demolition shears

The Zato demolition shears for unrivalled results

The exceptional cutting force of our demolition attachments are due to the combined effect of high-performance cutting blades, reliable gearboxes and a robust machine body. We have introduced 8 different models of Cayman mobile scrap shears, widely available from stock to ensure continuous supply, minimise downtime and meet production requirements.

Extremely powerful cutting performance

The wide jaw opening of our Cayman demolition shears guarantees high cutting performance while a large discharge area ensures smooth clearance. The centre pivot is designed to resist thrust damage thanks to a specific manufacturing procedure known as ‘cryogenic capability‘: the pivot is cooled using liquid nitrogen before fitting into the housing. The gradual return to ambient temperature favours the perfect fit of the pin in its housing, thus ensuring better durability and reliability.

demolition attachments

Mobile rail shears and rail cutting accessories

The Cayman RB (Rail Breaker) cutting shears are designed to quickly and efficiently cut all kinds of rail. Due to the high rebound shock produced by the cutting action, the shears must be extremely robust. 100% made in Italy quality, responsible use of raw materials and high safety standards have led us to design the perfect shear for cutting rail and tram rails.

We manufacture a full range of demolition shears:

mobile scrap shears


Demolition shears for ferrous metals, aluminium, non-ferrous metals

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mobile shears


Hydraulic breakers and attachments for cutting rails

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