Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) shredding and processing plants

Customized ASR recycling machines and shredder waste processing plants

Our company manufactures a complete range of ASR shredding plants tailor made to your specific requirements. The proper treatment of ASR residues is extremely important in a modern scrap yard: landfill fees are constantly increasing and will continue to rise. What’s more, environmental compliance requirements are only getting stricter.

ASR recycling machines to squeeze value out of the shredder waste

All too often recyclers pay too much attention to the purity of the separated metals and not enough to the shredder residue. Not only will a poor separation of shredder residue result in high landfill fees but you will also be throwing away a significant amount of valuable metals. The starting point of effective residues reduction is always the shredding process. Make sure your shredder and post shredder systems (like dust aspiration, Z-box, magnets) are designed correctly and of the correct size: Zato’s integrated post shredder filtration and separation technologies are optimally designed to perfectly match the shredder unit thereby maximising metals recovery and minimising landfill waste.

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Zato’s shredding plants can be designed to process the following:

  • Auto Shredder Residue (ASR)
  • Shredder waste
  • Fluff
  • Zorba (shredded and sorted NF scrap that is predominantly aluminium)
  • Zurik scrap (sensor sorted shredded NF scrap that is predominantly stainless)

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