Aluminium recycling plants manufacturers

Aluminium recycling machines and ferrous scrap recycling plants specialists

Our mission is to be, as experts in the aluminium and ferrous scrap recycling business for over 20 years, a reference point for everyone that is looking for specific solutions to the needs of shredding and recycling metals and materials.
We offer on the market high quality products and machines, incorporating advanced technologies and avant-garde engineering solutions.

Taking into consideration the increasing environmental urgencies, and in response to the company intention to protect our planet, we are committed to manufacture aluminium recycling machines and ferrous scrap recycling plants that represent a real opportunity to recycle in a cleaner way, reducing emissions and energy consumption.

We operate in more than 50 countries spread across:

  • Europe;
  • North America;
  • South America;
  • Middle East;
  • Far East;
  • Oceania


Zato was founded in Brescia in 1999 from experts in the steel, metals and ferrous scrap recycling industry who have invested in engineering for the development of technologies for cutting and shredding scrap and waste.

We started manufacturing demolition equipment, whose we are a global leader today.

Our expansion continued in the following years, developing new product line, increasingly:

  • important, in terms of economic value of the investment;
  • advanced, as regards the engineering side;
  • valuable, on the market;
  • modern, looking at the engineering evolution.

Today, we are organized to sell and assist our aluminium recycling plants and machines worldwide and we are currently operating in the main global markets through a network of seller, retailer and agents.


Zato in brief

Today, the company is spread over an area of 5,000 sqm, with more than 40 employees, 37% whom has an engineering or technical background.

Thanks to the careful design, the care for details and a strong and continuous innovation, our products are synonymous of efficiency, durability and solidity.



In this regard, we can boast 4 worldwide pending patents and one patent approved.

Our team of engineers - starting from the analysis of the Customer’s work and his expectation of output, up to the design of the product and its installation - works on the optimisation and refinement of plants and machineries, so to offer efficiency, safety and results in every situation.

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