Baled scrap shredders and recycling plants

Baled scrap shredding and processing plants for high-value and dense end products

Zato has many years of experience manufacturing customized shredders to processes scrap bales. Steel mills and metal furnaces are not fans of un-opened bales. Whole bales use a lot more energy to melt and can be full of impurities and potentially explosive items such as gas canisters and water pockets. Opening the bales with a pre shredder creates a dense, easy to melt product that is free of explosive material.

Creating a cleaner, denser and more valuable final products

Zato’s baled scrap shredding plants guarantee the highest results in scrap purity and cleanliness. Bales opened by shredding can be processed by a scrap cleaning line which allows for the efficient removal of dust, residues and other impurities. Our scrap recycling shredders are specifically designed to process bales and can be coupled to a separation line. The separation line will efficiently separate valuable non-ferrous (NF) metals AKA ZORBA from the Ferrous (F) material to create a purer product thereby increasing the value of both material streams.

Baled scrap shredder manufacturers

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