Aluminium scrap shredders and processing plants

Exceptional scrap shredding machines for UBC, aluminium profiles and aluminium taint tabor recycling

As aluminium scrap shredder manufacturers, we are tuned in to the markets demand for ever stronger and lighter manufacturing materials. This quest for lighter and stronger materials has caused an explosion in the demand for aluminium and as a consequence, clean aluminium scrap. Re-melting recovered aluminium to make new aluminium products requires only 5% of the energy that it takes to manufacture virgin aluminium from ore

To maximize the efficiency and profitability of the remelting process, it is vitally important that the recovered aluminium scrap is free of contaminants. Unsorted aluminium scrap can be highly contaminated with glass, plastic, rubber, other metals, paint and more. To free the scrap aluminium from these contaminants it must first be reduced in size by shredding.

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Aluminium scrap shredders for unprecedented quality product

Shredding aluminium makes it easier to sort and separate impurities from the scrap. Downsizing through shredding is the necessary first step in this process. As well as reducing the scrap in to more manageable size, shredding separates the different components from one another. Once separated, sophisticated downstream sorting technologies will liberate the aluminium shred from contaminants creating a pure and highly valuable product that is less expensive to transport and perfect for melting in to new aluminium.  Choosing the right recycling process is crucial: a wrong choice of aluminium scrap shredder may result in excessive generation of metal fines, material oxidation or inadequate liberation of impurities.

Post shredding and separation technologies are just as important as choosing the right aluminium scrap shredder. The correct combination of different magnetic separation technologies, as well as sieving, x-ray sorting, x-ray fluorescence, laser and optical sorting can make all the difference to the purity and value of the end product.

Aluminium scrap shredding plants are ideal for:

  • Used Beverage Can (UBC)
  • Taint Tabor
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Aluminium bars
  • Aluminim sheets

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