Industrial hammer mills and scrap metal shredders for ferrous and non-ferrous material

As leading metal shredder manufacturers, we offer an entire line of hammer mills for crushing ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap guarantees the highest results in terms of reduction, cleanliness and purity of the end product. Designed to produce superior quality material with operating costs that are among the lowest in its class. Zato offers solutions for every customers needs with the possibility of integrating efficient processing systems into the plant: from the powerful Blue Devil Pre-Shredder to the most effective downstream solutions.

Our industrial metal shredders are ideal for processing:

Used vehicles (ELV) whole, baled or pre-sheared

Light and mixed household scrap, household appliances

Aluminium scrap, sheets and profiles. UBC, brass, copper

WEEE, electric motors and incinerator bottom ash

metal shredders

Why you should choose Blue Shark metal shredders

Blue Shark hammer mills are available with a variety of engine sizes raging in power from 420 to 1500 HP. With a production capacity ranging from 4 tonnes per hour to over 60, they are the most efficient small and medium-sized hammer mills on the market.

The perfect solution for scrap recycling yards and steel mills. All Blue Shark models are characterized by an innovative design, requiring minimal space and a small footprint. Pre-assembled and tested in-house before shipping, they provide an early view of critical issues and assembly time in just three weeks.

Blue Shark scrap metal shredders for outstanding performance

Constructed with welded steel plate structures and reinforced plates, Blue Shark hammer mills ensure robustness, reliability and resistance to non-breakable materials, impacts and heavy-duty use. Thanks to the pre-assembled support structures it is possible to minimise accessory costs and install the machine without costly civil works. Engineered down to the smallest detail, our industrial metal shredders guarantee maximum utilisation of scrap and effective separation of materials with low operating costs and substantial savings in consumption.

scrap metal shredders
scrap shredders

Industrial metal shredders made by Zato feature state-of-the-art technology

Blue Shark hammer mills are equipped with a modern PLC control system which enables the right program to be selected depending on the job at hand as well as real-time data collection to optimise performance. They boast a Human Machine Interface (HMI) with integrated diagnostic systems. A responsive Remote Control unit increases general operational speed and also activates the hydraulic pin puller which speeds up and simplifies the removal, rotation and replacement of the shredder hammers.

Our range of metal shredders:

industrial scrap shredders


Industrial scrap shredders for any shredding and grinding need

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industrial metal shredders


Industrial pre-shredders to shred every kind of metals and non-metals

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