Hammermill Blue Shark CS 12.10 has been designed for all metals refining, especially where push crushing is required:

    - WEEE
    - Electrical appliances
    - UBC
    - Electronic cards
    - Meetballs
    - Windings

    blue shark cs head (1)

    Hammermill Blue Shark CS 12.10 processing system is composed by: – Metal input conveyor belt – Blue Shark hammermill CS 12.10 – Vibrating feeder Magnetic drum – Rubber conveyor belt for ferrous metals – Rubber conveyor belt for non-ferrous metals


    • Blue Shark hammermills CS 12.10 with 315kW electric engine is composed by: A lower section where crushing takes place An upper section, which can be hydraulically opened using the remote control, where are located the crushing chamber, grids, wear plates and rotors.
    • Maintenance works are extremely quick thank to the rapid access to all the plants’ components that has to be replace or exposed to wear, such as: grids, plates, rotors.
    • The 5 ton full rotor. It is located inside the crushing chamber, rotates at an adjustable speed between 600 and 900 rpm and can be equipped according to the material that has to be processed. Anvils are located in the upper side of the chamber improving the crushing process, that goes on until the materials has reached the appropriate size to pass through the grids, prepared according to the type of materials and the output material desired size.


    _MG_3428 The easy change of the grids allows to switch quickly to different material processed or different patches. Blue Shark CS12.10 features 30x100mm, 50x50mm, 95x95mm grids.

    All the components are assembled and aligned on a solid support structure, sized and made of welded steel. This structure is equipped with rubber shocks, to absorb vibrations and perfectly adapt to the ground. Under the support are located both the hydraulic control unit and the electric panel.

    The plant has been designed to be transportable: is equipped with 4 hydraulic stabilizers and both the conveyor belts of output are easily disassembled, so to be loaded onto a truck. General dimensions:
    9000mm x 3500mm (h) x 2450mm (w);
    total weight 32t. 446f2c28-e6f5-4acc-a342-dc2eb02e0124

    The crushed materials fell on the vibrating feeder, appropriately covered with wear-resistant steel plates and equipped with a non-magnetic inox plate on the front, that brings the materials to the magnetic drum. The magnetic drum allows the separation of crushed non-ferrous metals and steel scrap; these are then transported in two different directions by conveyor belt out-feed.

    _12-10_DSC0470 Hammermill Blue Shark CS12.10 is shredding ferrous and non ferrous material.


    Recycling aluminium is good for the environment and the economy, and European countries are among the best in the world in terms of their ability to recover this metal.