Skeleton Zato The Zato Blue Devil industrial shredder is able to take the processing of skeleton plate, valued for its purity and wide use by steel mills, to a higher level.

Thanks to the use of the Blue Devil, steel sheet, or punching plate, is reduced to an optimal size and density for mills, offering a series of unprecedented advantages for scrap yards and the environment. Once processed with our shredder, skeleton plate becomes an extremely valuable comodity, with a value significantly higher than that of the unprocessed plate. Steel mills can benefit from the upgraded state of this scrap by improving the efficiency and quality of their melting process.

One of the Blue Devil’s main strengths is its ability to quickly and efficiently reduce the size of scrap during processing. The twin shaft rotary shear is capable of cutting and processing parts as thick as 1.5 inches. This capability opens up new opportunities for scrap yards, offering greater flexibility in processing and contributing to improved storage and yard logistics.

Blue Devil: low operating costs, maximum productivity

The Blue Devil’s outstanding productivity and reliability is the secret advantage that we offer to our customers. With its extraordinary efficiency and high throughput, our customers can process up to 1 ½ inch thick plate into valuable bushlings and have it ready for sale the very same day that it is required.

This level of operational efficiency gives our customers a significant competitive advantage in the market, allowing them to add instant value to their skeleton plate and to take advantage of favourable commodity prices when the price is right.

In addition to the economic benefits, scrap processed by Zato´s Blue Devil also offers a significant cut in transport costs due to its increase in density which means fewer trucks are required to transport the same amount of scrap. This not only benefits the yard financialy but it also has a positive impact on the environment through reduced CO2 emissions. The ideal density of the processed skeleton plate reduces transport costs and improves logistical efficiency, allowing scrap yards to enhance their operations and actively contribute to environmental sustainability.

The Blue Devil also stands out for its low operating costs. With an operating cost of less than $9 per ton, this machine offers a significant economic advantage to scrap yards, allowing them to improve their profits and reduce their production costs.

Thanks to the Blue Devil’s shredding efficiency, scrap yards will benefit from unprecedented advantages in scrap processing, achieving outstanding results in terms of production, sustainability and profit.

Blue Devil Zato per la lavorazione del Pantografato

Blue Devil: 2 weeks from order to delivery

We are ready to deliver the Blue Devil twin-shaft shredder to scrap yards around the world in just 2 weeks. In addition, the installation is completed in just 3 days, with no civil works required.

For Zato, getting our customers up and running in less time is a top priority at all levels!