Our knowledge in metal recycling equipment, pursuit of innovation, and steadfast dedication to delivering top-notch services have garnered us recognition as leaders in the field of metal recycling solutions.

One noteworthy achievement is the enthusiastic global reception of our Blue Devil pre-shredder.

Zato e Alfa Recycling

Alfa Recycling

A compelling illustration of our impact can be seen through Alfa Recycling in Germany, where the acquisition of the Blue Devil led to a remarkable 30-40% increase in production.

Moreover, the shredder’s downtime has been dramatically reduced, and the risk of explosions has been nearly eradicated, greatly enhancing safety.

Karl-David Schlehenkamp, CEO of Alfa Recycling, affirms, “Currently, we are producing approximately 250 tons per day!”

Neil Morris e Blue Devil di Zato

Morris Scrap Metal Co. Inc. 

In the United States, Morris Scrap Metal Co. Inc. saw its production double within the first six months of using the Blue Devil with electric propulsion.

This shredder perfectly matched the company’s requirements for processing challenging materials and handling extremely rough scrap, resulting in a substantial boost in efficiency and effectiveness.

Neil Morris, the company’s owner, declares, “Steel mills absolutely adore it.”

Zato Blue Devil RT24

Fiducia Srl e Baldetti Giorgio Srl

In Italy, recycling companies Fiducia Srl and Baldetti Giorgio Srl have chosen Zato’s Blue Devil pre-shredder to elevate the quality of their recycled products and reduce emissions.

This underscores Zato’s unwavering commitment to promoting sustainability and efficiency in recycled metal production.

Giovanni Fiducia emphasizes, “The Blue Devil enables us to enhance the value of our recycling process and, consequently, the final product.”

At Zato, we offer our clients top-notch support, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies like augmented reality to assist remote technicians. Additionally, our machinery can harness Industry 4.0 incentives, enabling more efficient monitoring and maintenance.

We take great pride in actively contributing to the metal recycling industry, with a strong focus on skill development and the incorporation of innovative solutions, thereby making a significant contribution to a sustainable future.