Zato EAF meeting 2023

On December 1, we took part in the EAF, the international meeting organised by the Italian Metallurgy Association for experts involved in EAF steel production and focused on innovations in the field of Green Steel: from increasing productivity to optimising energy efficiency, from raw material management to the priority issue of decarbonisation.

EAF meetings are of great importance to foster technological development, share knowledge and ensure environmental sustainability in the industry. By addressing challenges such as the adoption of sustainable sources such as high quality scrap and DRI/HBI, EAF facilitates the comparison of current and future industry needs, with the aim of meeting them over time.

Zato trituratori

During the 2023 meeting, held at the Giovanni XXIII Conference Centre in Bergamo, the increasingly close link between Green Steel and electric furnaces was discussed.

As Zato, we took part to illustrate how scrap treatment is an essential element in the success and progressive move towards an increasingly eco-sustainable steel mill.

In fact, the use of Zato machinery allows steel mills and foundries using electric arc furnaces to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and gas consumption, all leading to a 5.2% increase in production (Test carried out at Titan Metal, as highlighted in the presentation).

With an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge solutions, we will continue to lead the industry towards greener and more efficient steelmaking, promoting the adoption of technologies that not only optimise production, but also contribute to a more sustainable future for the steel industry!

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