Increase productivity with Zato’s Blue Devil shredder at Scrap Expo 2023, booth 123

On September 12th and 13th, we are returning to Louisville, Kentucky, to participate as exhibitors at Scrap Expo. Our product showcase highlights our industrial shredder Blue Devil, the most efficient and robust solution for shredding and pre-shredding ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Pre-shredding has become a crucial process in material recycling, as it offers significant advantages: it improves fragmentation and prepares materials for hammer mill shredding, thus boosting overall efficiency. One of the key benefits of pre-shredding is increased production capacity. Pre-shredding reduces your hammer wear and decreasing maintenance.

Over to the customer

‘Production boost at Bavarian scrap yard’
I wanted more throughput with less production time,’. Thanks to the Blue Devil, the company has achieved its goal of increasing scrap throughput by 30 to 40% while downtime on the actual shredder has been ‘significantly’ reduced’.

Alfa Recycling’s managing director
Karl-David Schlehenkamp

‘The steel mills love it’
In the first six months of operation alone, production doubled and made buyers very happy. ‘The steel mills love it,’.

Morris Scrap Metal company owner
Neil Morris

‘The cleaner the scrap, the lower the emissions’
‘We must strive to work and deliver ever cleaner and purer grades of scrap metal,’ says Daniele Baldetti. ‘The cleaner the scrap that foundries use to create new steel, the lower the emissions.

Baldetti Giorgio Srl
Daniele Baldetti

Where others follow, we at Fiducia want to lead; we want to be the promoters of change because only by leading will we meet the expectations of the steel mills and foundries who ultimately are our customers.’

Fiducia Srl
Giovanni Fiducia