Zato Blue Devil

Alfa Recycling, a scrap yard in Munich, Germany, has adopted Zato’s Blue Devil pre-shredder to optimise its metal recycling process. The pre-shredder has been in operation since March 2023 and has proven its worth in the processing of medium-heavy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. This innovative solution has increased the productivity of the main shredder by more than 30 per cent, saving electricity costs and reducing downtime.

The Blue Devil’s low-speed, twin-shaft rotary shears efficiently shred difficult materials, while its safety features prevent explosions and protect the main shredder. The efficiency of the Blue Devil has enabled Alfa Recycling to achieve its production targets. As for the maintenance of the plant, it is both remotely monitored and regularly checked live by Zato technicians.

Overall, Zato’s Blue Devil has proven to be an efficient and successful addition to Alfa Recycling’s operations.