rail breaker shears head
rail breaker shears head mobile

Rail breakers Cayman RB Series

The Cayman RB rail breaker is designed to cut rail tracks and is used with great success in the volume reduction sector and in the recycling of railway and tramway rails. The innovative design, high quality components and cutting blades with four profiles guarantee 100% working efficiency.

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General features

  • Designed to be effective and to last over time
  • Maintenance times and costs kept to a minimum
  • Making the most of the processed materials


  • Solid and durable frame made of Strenx 700 suitable for protecting mechanical parts
  • Cylinder designed with high bores to allow powerful cutting forces
  • Solid and compact beak for cutting rails up to 70 kg/m
  • Cutting area composed of a compact mobile jaw carrying two 4-time interchangeable blades to reduce jaw wear
  • Continuous, simplified hydraulic rotation to reduce maintenance operations to a minimum
  • Boom and bucket place mounting possible

Technical data

Technical data RB20R RB40R
Weight (excluding mounting bracket) Ibs 4409,20 9700,34
A – Reach (excluding mounting bracket) Inch 90,39 112,01
B – Jaw opening Inch 7,47 8,45
C – Jaw depth Inch 8,25 8,25
Throat force at 380 bar Ust 507,06 1047,19
Apex force at 380 bar Ust \ \
Tip force at 380 bar Ust 317,47 529,11
Excavator weight 2nd member/boom
mounting Ust
11-16,5 27,5-38,5
Excavator weight 3rd member/stick
mounting Ust
19,8-29.7 42,9-55
Cylinder recommended pressure Psi 4351-4641 4351-4641
Cylinder recommended flow gl\min 52,83-66,04 92,46-105,66
Rotation recommended pressure Psi 1450-1595 1450-1595
Rotation recommended flow gl\min 6,6 6,6


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