industrial shredders at ecomondo rimini 2022

We are pleased to announce that Zato will again participate in ECOMONDO Rimini this year; ECOMONDO is the reference event in Europe and the Mediterranean area for the green and circular economy, topics that are now “hotter” than ever and increasingly crucial in a society where awareness of every person and each companies’ ecological footprint and impact on the environment is growing exponentially.

Zato’s has been present at every ECOMONDO event right from very first edition 25 years ago. Green values have and always will be a core guiding principle in ZATO´s business philosophy. For us at Zato, this awareness has always been the corner stone around which our business activities revolve: striving for maximum efficiency during the production processes to manufacture high performance machinery for the recycling industry which concretely supports the circular economy.

ecomondo 2022 metal recycling plants

The management of metal recovery and recycling

It is precisely here that Zato´s and Ecomondo´s underlying philosophies intertwin. Ecomondo hosts pavilions and special events dedicated to presenting the most up-to-date technologies of industrial waste management and scrap recycling. With proper treatment and handling these waste sources can be transformed in to valuable resources. Resources which can be reused in order to balance an ecosystems which has been thrown dangerously out of sync by man’s unsustainable negative environmental impact on the planet.

The philosophy of finding the correct environmental balance is one that we at Zato pursue every day by investing in the best available technologies to produce machines with greater precision and superior efficiency. Scrap metal shears and shredders produced by ZATO enable our customers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their recycling process while simultaneously decreasing their environmental impact. This in essence is the underlying principle of the circular economy: the greater the number of secondary products that we can recycle and reuse, the less energy and finite resources we will require to produce new products.

The technology of Zato’s industrial shredders and plants

Zato´s state of the art systems and recycling machinery are able to provide production and performance data remotely, ensuring that each piece of equipment is always finely tuned and performing with total efficiency. The performance data remotely provided by ZATO machines installed at customer sites worldwide provide our technicians and our customers with highly accurate production reports while predictive maintenance can be planned well in advance.

Greater efficiency reduces the demand for energy which in turn reduces the environmental impact on our planet: this is one of the reasons why, at Zato, we have consciously chosen to transform policy with regards to participating in international trade fairs and conferences. Gone are the days of transporting heavy machinery around the world and back again simply for a brief presence at trade shows. To back up our words with action and as a demonstration of our technical know-how and our ever-increasing commitment to reducing our environmental impact across the board, our booths at trade shows and conferences now take on a strongly digitized footprint. With large high-resolution screens and professionally produced films and animations that project the fascinating story of Zato.

However, the one thing that is steeped in tradition and which we will never change is the human component: Our professional and welcoming team is waiting for you on November 8-11, 2022 in Hall A3 – Stand 051, to listen to your requirements and explain to you the unique solutions that only Zato can offer.

Because, in the end, it’s all about “balance”.